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Message for All Students

by Tammy Zonneveld | May 15, 2020

Hello Centennial Students.

You are doing a great job with adapting to online learning.  After the past two Amnesty weeks, you should have had a chance to get caught up in your courses.  Take the time to enjoy the long weekend! When we are back for online classes on Tuesday, May 19 your focus should be on completing the work for the rest of the semester.  It is essential that you are engaging in the online course material.  Your teachers are preparing you with the information and skills that you will need down the road.  Think long term!  It’s important that you are prepared for next year’s courses.  It’s not necessarily about the mark that you are earning on the online assignments, but more importantly it’s about the learning and understanding needed for next year.  This is a great opportunity for you to raise your mark above what you had on March 13 before the school closure.  With no exams this year, the final culminating activity must be completed to meet the requirements for the course.  There are 6 weeks to go until the end of the school you.  Keep working hard!

Mrs. Zonneveld