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Ms. R. Deba

Ms. M. Barnes


Grade 9

BTT1O1 - Information and Communication Technology in Business

Grade 10

BBI2O1 - Introduction to Business

Grade 11

BAF3M1 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals

BMI3C1 - Marketing:Goods,Services,Events,

BTA3O1 - Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment

Grade 12 

BOH4M1 - Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

The Goals of Business Studies

The fundamental purpose of the business studies program is to provide students with the knowledge,skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve success in secondary school, the workplace, postsecondary education or training, and daily life. The goals of the business studies curriculum are to enable students to:

 • gain an understanding of business concepts through the study of subjects such as accounting, entrepreneurship, information and communication technology (ICT), international business, marketing, and business leadership;

 • achieve business, economic, financial, and digital literacy;

• develop the skills, including critical thinking skills, and strategies required to conduct research and inquiry and communicate findings accurately, ethically, and effectively;

 • apply the knowledge,skills, and attitudes acquired through the study of business to a variety of learning tasks and relate them to business phenomena on the local, national, and global levels;

 • develop lifelong learning skills that will help them adapt to technological advancements, the changing workplace, and the global economy;

 • make connections that will help them take advantage of potential postsecondary educational, work, and business opportunities. These goals can be achieved in a concrete and practical context through real-world learning activities that combine the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills.

Ontario Ministry of Education, 2006