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Mme J. Stapleton (Program Leader)
M C. Maltais
M Y. Marais
Mme L. Pelissero
Mme D. Stoop
M N. Tessaro


Grade 9
FSF1D    Core French (De-streamed)

Grade 10
FSF2D    Core French (Academic)
LWIBD    International Languages, Italian Level 1 (Open)

Grade 11
FSF3U    Core French (University)
LWICU    International Languages, Italian Level 2 (University)

Grade 12

FSF4U    Core French (University)
LWIDU    International Languages, Italian-Level 3 (University)

Languages are an important part of our multicultural society and important for cognitive development, employment in a global economy and travel. The teachers in the Languages department are dedicated to the growth and well-being of our students and provide them with instruction that can be applied to everyday life. Along with the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, we introduce culture in Canada and in the world as a component of language learning. We offer our students extracurricular opportunities such as cultural and field trips to practice their skills. All of our programs offer quality instruction with the aim of building fluency in the target language.

Students who continue their studies in Core French are eligible to take the DELF exam in their grade 12 year which can provide them with a certificate that is recognized world-wide.  For more information about the DELF, click here.