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Courses Being Offered

Grade 9
MPM 1D    Principles of Mathematics (Academic)
MPM 1D    Principles of Mathematics (Applied)
Grade 10
MFM 2P    Foundations Math (Applied)
MPM 2D    Principles of Math (Academic)

Grade 11
MBF 3C     Personal Finance (College)
MCF 3M     Functions (Mixed)
MCR 3U     Functions and Relations (University)
MEL 3E      Math Everyday Life

Grade 12
MEL 4E      Math Everyday Life
MAP 4C     Math College and Apprenticeship (College)
MCT 4C     Math College Technology (College)
MDM 4U    Math & Data Management (University)
MHF 4U1   Advanced Functions (University)
MCV 4U1   Calculus & Vectors (University)

Course Selections & Expectations

Information on course selections and possible packaging in math is available from guidance.
Expectations for each course are on file at the school or can be accessed through the internet at the Ministry of Education website.
See District School Board of Niagara website for the link. www.dsbn.edu.on.ca

Extra Help

Math assistance is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:25 to 11:45 in Room 114.

Students having difficulty with math should talk to their teacher to arrange extra help outside of class.
Students can also seek help from classmates to talk to guidance about a senior tutor, if available.
Students can also seek help through the resource room. The internet also has some sites that offer help with homework.

Mathematics is a subject that builds on the concepts developed in the previous lesson. It is important that students complete their homework regularly and seek extra help when they need it.

Students that are absent from class are responsible for the work covered . It is important that they get the note for the lesson(s) they missed and complete the work that has been assigned. If they don't understand the note they should ask their teacher to go over the material in class or at a suitable time outside of class.

Math Contests and Competitions

Grade 9
PASCAL - For students enrolled in grade 9 or below

Grade 10
CAYLEY - For students enrolled in grade 10 or below

Grade 11
FERMAT - For students enrolled in grade 11 or below

Grade 12 Euclid
For students enrolled in grade 12. This contest is written in April and is 2.5 hours long. Student's wishing to write the contest should see their math teacher. Copies of old contests are available for practice.

For these contests students who receive a minimum mark will receive a certificate of distinction and the top student of each contest that meets the minimum mark will receive a medal from the University of Waterloo. Student's entering the contest also receive a participation certificate at our awards assembly.

The entry fee for theses contests are paid by the school.

Other competitions are advertised through the morning announcements such as the Waterloo Open Math Challenge and the Da Vinci competition.

These contests are written in the middle of February and are 1 hour long. Students have an opportunity in November to attend a half day workshop that prepares students for the contests. Old contest are also available from the student's teacher

For a list of courses offered, visit us on Career Cruising.