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 Whoever said “all secondary schools are alike” clearly never attended

Welland Centennial Secondary School

Since opening our doors in 1966, we have educated many of Welland’s most gifted students.  Some have gone on to become lawyers, politicians and authors and that’s just a start on the list.  In fact, we have educated students that have gone on to success in just about every discipline, profession and job description.

Now, after 48 years, we can say one thing with certainty: no two students are alike.  All have their own way of thinking and of solving problems.  We have learned to seek out that individualism and help each student to develop and grow their interests, talents and energies in whatever pathway they take beyond secondary school.

We educate our students so that they can adapt to the rapidly evolving 21st century.  Our students ask new questions that matter -- questions that lead to creative ways of thinking that will have a profound impact on their lives.

Of course, as individual as each person is, our students have one thing in common.  They chose to attend Centennial.  Great minds agree that Welland Centennial positively and creatively influenced their futures.

Welland Centennial – A great and diverse public secondary school!

In Omni Excelle – In All Things Excel!